Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The First Step - Our House

Our house started to be built in March 2010 on a block of land we had sub divided off an existing investment property we had on acreage.   At first we were building this as another investment house to rent,  Garry was living in an aparment on the Sunshine Coast overlooking the beach but with his work being more concentrated further north where our property was it suddenly made sense for him to live in the house we were building. 
Kangaroos at the side of the house
My commute from the city on weekends would now take 3 hours.  I must say I was nervous about how I would go with the drive even though it was only Friday nights and Monday morning this is also the worst of peak hour traffic.  We were both also a little concerned about how we would cope with country living this wasn't anything either of us had experienced before.

Front View of the House

Funny how we started to think differently about the house as soon we knew we would live in it.  Much to the builders despair there were changes we wanted to make and it really was the 11th hour!   A bigger window in the bedroom that would become my office so that I could sit at my desk and clearly see the dam and landscape outside my window.  Then there was the need for a more compact laundry to give us more kitchen space.  There were things we were too late to change, like adding a bath to the main bathroom but in the end I'm sure we saved ourselves a lot of money by being too late to change too many things.

View from the deck

We moved into the house in July 2010 and that's when all the work really began !

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