Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Projects

I'm off to a good start, I've been to the market and bought a punnet of lettuce and a few herbs.  I then came home and potted them and re-potted some of the lettuce that had grown from seed all too close together.  I'm now calling this the table garden.
I have a few unfinished projects that I'm going to start to finish today.  I have some cloths to finish off and I might make a table mat with all the little squares.
I've picked up this magazine rack at an op shop over a year ago.  I have taken the old cover off to use as a pattern and I have sanded it back and lacquered it.  I just need to make the cover next.
Shame I also have to do things like grocery shop and clean the house today !

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Loving my Spirooli

The Spirooli loaded and ready to go
I bought this last year when we had an abundance of zucchini in the garden.  Last week I bought some beautiful zucchini at the market so got it out again to make some zucchini pasta  Well it's not actually pasta, it's just zucchini, and I served it with other vegies and some pesto.  Healthy low carb and delicious. I got my Spirooli online at Raw Pleasure
In action


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Early Sunday Market

The sun coming up over the market
I finally found a market close to home that isn't one of those fancy markets where everything is expensive and "special".  This is just your ordinary farmers market with a bit of 2nd hand stuff as well.

I loved buying my fruit and vegies at the market when we were in the country and now I can do the same here without it costing a fortune.  I do this early while Garry is still asleep.

Today I was looking for some Basil to plant but I'm told I'm a little early for that.  So I just got a few silverbeet plants to add to my growing garden.

Layla was very lucky, she got a special cushion for the back deck. 
I think she likes it she's been like this for a few hours testing it out :-)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hello Blog - The Start of a New Garden

Our Back yard with not much going on
I've missed blogging but I wasn't really sure what to blog about now that we are back in the city. 

As the weather is starting to warm again we decided it was time to do some planting.  This was all the inspiration I needed to blog again!

Garry doing all the work.  Layla taking it easy.

As we are renting the house and sharing the backyard with Layla we have to think carefully about this vegie patch.  We had some lettuce that had grown from seed in a few pots and a bit of parsley and that was about it. 

Today in the green pots we planted cucumber and Tommy Tomatoes and I'm hoping they will grow over the lattice work of the carport.   I will move them further apart as they grow.  They are on bricks so that Layla hopefully can't dig in them.

I've also planted some chives and am planning on going to the markets in the morning to see what else I can find.

Stay tuned and see how it all grows (or doesn't).
Ok watch this space hopefully the white lattice will be full of green soon