Monday, 5 March 2012

Last Subject

Last week I started the last subject in my Masters of Learning and Development.  Normally I don't post stuff about work or uni on this blog as it really doesn't suit the theme.  My reason for mentioning it now is that blogging over the next 10 weeks will be a bit intermittent.  Although I have studied and blogged before I didn't really focus enough on studying and my purpose now is to put in a very strong finish for my Masters.

I have created a blog for my current subject "Online Pedagogy" and while most will find this of no interest at all, some of my training buddies may.  The blog link is and I will also add it to my list of favourite blogs on the side.   This blog will form part of my final assessment where I need submit a reflective journal.

I will post the odd "simple life blog" when I can.  It's currently pouring again and I'm looking at a river outside my office window.  We planted around 40 seedlings in the vegie garden yesterday and I fear that most of them will have washed away.   Ohhhh the life of a farmer !

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