I like to write about simple healthy living. This blog has evolved over a few years and includes some time living in the country and enjoying raising chickens, walking dogs and growing our own veggies. We are back in the city for a while to build the bank account so that we can retire back in the country in the not too distant future. Till then it's two days at a time.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

5am Sunday Gardening

I was out in the garden at 5am this morning and spent a good two hours just trying to tame what had become a wilderness in only a short amount of time.   It's very very humid here and we are getting sunny days and some rain at nights which means everything is growing.  Unfortunately it's also bringing in all the pests and I've given up on growing Kale and Mustard Greens for now (among other things). 

I really enjoyed the garden last Winter, we were virtually pest free and keeping it tidy was a lot more enjoyable in our beautiful Brisbane Winter. 

Anyway no complaints we are still getting plenty to eat out of the garden and providing I'm out there at 5am all is good.

I can see I'm going to be making some Pesto in the next few weeks with all the basil I have.

I had a great little helper this morning. Except for the time she dug up a hole heap of dirt looking for a lizard.

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