Sunday, 11 December 2011

Harvesting Corn

We planted our corn mid September and this is a photograph I posted 8 weeks after planting.  This would be my 3rd attempt at growing corn but up until now I hadn't grown any that were worth eating
I took this photo just before we harvested.  It's only 5 weeks after the photo above and 13 weeks from planting.  Amazing how tall it got.
The reasons my corn hasn't been successful in the past I think was due to picking it too early or too late.  This time I did a lot of research into the right time.  The silks need to be brown right to the end.  There were a few of the smaller cobs that weren't at this stage so we just picked the larger ones.
 We got 9 great cobs from 6 plants.
You can see here that some of the cobs didn't have kernels right to the tip.  I'm still trying to find out why but it could be a nutrient problem.  Apart from putting lots of mulch and chook manure on when we planted, we didn't fertilise after that.

This level of success will certainly have me planting more next season.  This time probably twice as many and I'll look at feeding them a bit more.

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