Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Projects

I'm off to a good start, I've been to the market and bought a punnet of lettuce and a few herbs.  I then came home and potted them and re-potted some of the lettuce that had grown from seed all too close together.  I'm now calling this the table garden.
I have a few unfinished projects that I'm going to start to finish today.  I have some cloths to finish off and I might make a table mat with all the little squares.
I've picked up this magazine rack at an op shop over a year ago.  I have taken the old cover off to use as a pattern and I have sanded it back and lacquered it.  I just need to make the cover next.
Shame I also have to do things like grocery shop and clean the house today !


  1. Will be interested to see what you do with the crochet squares. I've got quite a few and have no clue what to do with them except join them altogether which could look ridiculous. Good luck with your UFO's, I'm at the stage where I'm ready to chuck the whole lot out. You've inspired me to prepare a garden table, love this idea. Cheers

  2. Thanks Chris I'm glad my table garden provided some inspiration. My plants seems to be growing well so I'm hopeful they'll continue to do so. My granny squares are all made from cotton so I think I may just make them in to face clothes and use them for gifts. I'd like to have a go at making soap to go with them. So many projects, so little time !