Sunday, 19 August 2012

Early Sunday Market

The sun coming up over the market
I finally found a market close to home that isn't one of those fancy markets where everything is expensive and "special".  This is just your ordinary farmers market with a bit of 2nd hand stuff as well.

I loved buying my fruit and vegies at the market when we were in the country and now I can do the same here without it costing a fortune.  I do this early while Garry is still asleep.

Today I was looking for some Basil to plant but I'm told I'm a little early for that.  So I just got a few silverbeet plants to add to my growing garden.

Layla was very lucky, she got a special cushion for the back deck. 
I think she likes it she's been like this for a few hours testing it out :-)


  1. Layla is one lucky dog, look forward to seeing how those vegies grow. Silverbeet is my only real claim to fame.

  2. Love Farmers Markets, I try to visit Mulgowie Markets several times a year.