Monday, 10 June 2013

Making a Recycled Worm Farm

Like all good ideas we got this one off Better Homes and Gardens.
The Thai Restaurant near us always puts their styrofoam boxes out the back of the restaurant for people to take, so we went and got two this morning. I had some hessian left over from the garden I made a few weeks ago.
The only thing we needed to buy were the worms and we got these from Bunnings this morning for around $48.00 for 1200.  I think we actually got a good deal as I counted 1251 when we put them in.  I was also very pleased to see that we got QLD Worms.

The top box has holes in the lid to let some air through and some holes in the bottom to let the juice out.  The brick on top is to keep it secure in case our resident possums get interested.

The bottom box doesn't have a lid on it and the hessian between the boxes is to stop the worms slipping out the holes.  The hose feeds down into a plastic container in the tray of the wire basket. 

We needed to put our worm farm up this high just in case Layla got interested.

First we put a layer of shredded wet newspaper in the bottom, then the worms and a layer of vegetable scrapes and dirt.

We'll see how long it takes to get some fertiliser.   I usually pay around $40 for a small bottle of seawood fertiliser for the garden so we should see a return on our investment pretty quickly.

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