Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Avocado Tree

We've been really keen to get some fruit trees planted but for whatever reason this has taken longer than planned.

Yesterday Garry planted the first tree in our orchard -  a Wurtz Avocado.

I did a lot of research into which Avocado variety would be the easiest to grow in our area and this is the recommended one.  We have rock hard soil that nothing much grows in so Garry broke up the soil and added a lot of compost but planted the tree high in a mound to provide good drainage.

Then of course the tree needs to be protected from our two puppies (Lilly and Layla).  I expect the wire cage will need to stay for a year or so.   The tree will grow to about 4 metres high and 6 metres wide and will start bearing fruit in the 2nd or 3rd year.

We're looking for a lemon and a lime now to add to our orchard of one !

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  1. Oooo avocado trees are so much fun to nurture. I have four now, two self-seeded and two purchased that I have planted way too close together. I chose a frost free area in my garden (the only truly frost free bit of the garden I could find). Even then one got burnt leaves one night when it was -8 but these two have survived almost a whole year now. The other two are growing here they sprouted, which may have to change soon, cos both got rather badly burnt by the frosts over the winter. They're both happily sprouting new leaves now in the Spring sunshine. I kept the, warmish over winter by almost completely covering them in fresh chicken house straw, complete with about a month's worth od poo