Saturday, 29 October 2011

Water Lillies

This is the 2nd year the lillies have flowered in the dam and this is the most I've seen at any one time.

Garry bought the seeds for these online a couple of years ago while living in an apartment.  He grew 3 plants in buckets on his very small balcony.  I could never really understand why and used to complain about the buckets of slimy green water.

We brought them up here to our block and put them in the dam long before we started building the house.  Two of them didn't survive but this one seems to be doing well, although it spreads quite slowly.   The flowers are worth waiting for they are such a beautiful colour.   It will be interesting to see how far one plant can spread.  We're not actually sure of the name of the flower but I think it's a kind of lotus flower.

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  1. Jen & Garry - they are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us :-)
    Jen x