Sunday, 2 October 2011


This silky oak dressing table belonged to my Grandmother and was then passed onto my parents sometime in the 1970’s.   At this time there were some very interesting colours in furniture stains around and my father chose Antique Green for this grand old piece.

I have just had it shipped up to my house and unfortunately on the way the main mirror was broken so we will be getting that replaced within the next few weeks.We have been busy sanding off most of the green.  I don’t believe we could ever get it all off and I actually don’t want to.  I love the colour that it is becoming and plan to only finish the table with a clear protective coat.
We’ve been onto this project for couple of weeks now and probably have a couple more to go.

The dresser was unassembled to ship so I wasn’t able to take a before photo however I’ll look back through some old photos to see I can find and post it together with the finished photo soon.  

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