Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vegetable Gardens - 8 weeks later

Building new gardens 8 weeks ago

Just amazed at how quickly things grow. Can't wait for the corn.

The carrots and beetroot should be ready in around 4 weeks time

We are already eating lettuce and silverbeet

Looking forward to leeks and eggplants and already enjoying the sage

Until now I haven't ever been successful growing coriander.  Obviously I did something right this time!


  1. Hi Jen - your beds look wonderful - as do the veggies in them! Keep the progress photos coming :)
    Greenie x

  2. Thanks Greenie, I've just been reading about your seedlings in the box. I'm definitely going to give that a go I haven't had much luck with seeds.

  3. Looking good! Any photos of building the vegetable garden beds?
    And would love to see progress photos. :-)

  4. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your post. I don't have any photos of the construction of the gardens but will be making more so I'll make sure I get photos of that.
    I have some more progress photos so will post some today. Yesterday we did a big harvest and will be replanting some new seedlings today. There isn't a lot we can grow now as the next few months will be very hot.
    Stay tuned.