Saturday, 26 July 2014

Making Stock Powder

400G of Vegetables and Herbs
I've owned a Thermomix for about 6 months now and the first thing I made with it was Vegetable Stock.  This is so simple to make and it adds such great flavour to our meals. I make sure I always have a supply.
After 20 mins in the Thermomix

Pouring on to the dehydrator Tray
After making a couple of batches and freezing in ice cube trays I came up with the idea of drying it out in my dehydrator and turning it into a powder.  This is the only way I'll bother making it from now on, it's so much easier to have on hand in  powder form.  I just keep making up a new batch when I have vegetables that need using up and I keep adding to the same bottle of powder and give it a bit of a shake up so the old and the new mix together.

Into the Dehydrator
After 12 hours of drying and broken by hand

It looks kind of like a bottle of coloured sand.   I am lucky enough to have a Thermomix and a dehydrator but the stock could be made on the stove and then the paste dehydrated in the oven.  My appliances just make the job quicker.


  1. How clever is that? I don't own either of those appliances.

  2. Clever idea!!