Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Our First 1/2 Dozen

Yesterday we got our first 1/2 dozen eggs in one day.  We've have had Polly, Penny and Prue for over a year now and recently introduced Suzi Q, Sybil and Sabrina. 
Sabrina, Suzi Q and Sybil

We bought them all when they were just a few days old and hand reared them.  This is a fun exercise and we prefer it to buying "point of lay" chooks although it can be a bit challenging intergrating them with the existing flock.

3 Big 3 Small

These little ones lived in a house below the big chook house until they were big enough to climb the ramp to the "big house".  That's when the big chooks decided they didn't want to share the house.  It only took a few days for the little chooks to realise if they got in before the big chooks did they could move to the back of the house and bed down for the night. 

Now that they are laying eggs I'm sure they will be better accepted by the bigger chooks.

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