Saturday, 12 July 2014

My First Green Caravan Order

I've been running down my supplies for the last few weeks in readiness for my first Green Caravan Order.

Green Caravan is a Brisbane based food ordering group that supplies organic whole foods and luckily for me I can pick my order up and incur no delivery fee as the pick up point is only 5 minutes away.
The empty jars make my ordering process very easy.

When people visit our house we always get asked about our bottles and labels.  I love having the bottles out on the cupboard as I find ingredients don't get lost in the pantry and we actually use everything we buy.  Smoothie making in the morning always involves grabbing a few jars and we come up with a new flavour every day.   We got the bottles from the Japanese shop Dasio where everything costs $2.80 so an absolute bargain for glass jars.   I only recently bought the chalk labels and I love them and am constantly looking for things to label now.  I got the labels online at Label Kingdom.  

Oops didn't mean to make this blog an infomercial !  Just answering the questions I get asked a lot. You can be sure I won't be receiving any free goods because of this blog.  Have you noticed I only have 13 followers !!

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